Lead Maintenance

Lead Maintenance

Position Title: Lead Maintenance
Reports To: Property Manager
Supervises: Assistant Lead Maintenance

I. Position Summary

  1. Prompt and courteous handling of all resident service requests.
  2. Maintenance of vacant apartments according to schedule.
  3. Maintain an adequate inventory of parts and supplies.
  4. Set up and implement preventative maintenance programs.
  5. Assist in the development and maintenance of safe working conditions.
  6. Maintain neat, orderly, and safe workshop and storage areas.

II. Site Specific Responsibilities

  1. Maintain and repair all heating and air conditioning equipment such as coils, fans, blowers, controls, thermostats, compressors, condensers, etc.
  2. Maintain and repair electrical panels and protective wiring including all property lighting.
  3. Maintain and repair tools and equipment.
  4. Maintain and repair appliances.
  5. Maintain and repair general plumbing.
  6. Perform general carpentry repairs.
  7. Dispose of litter and debris whenever encountered.
  8. Repair or replace electric motors, controls, and auxiliary equipment.
  9. Repair and maintain central air conditioning equipment including draining, cleaning and filling cooling towers, pumps, fans and controls.
  10. Maintain, repair, or replace air conditioning compressors.
  11. Other duties as outlined by the Property Manager and/or Maintenance Supervisor or the Regional Manager.
  12. Comply with all state and federal regulations relating to waste disposal, hazardous chemical labeling and handling, etc.

III. Qualifications

  1. Full-time maintenance experience or experience in related field.
  2. Bondable.
  3. Ability to work with persons of all ethnic and family backgrounds to understand the problems and attitudes of residents.
  4. Concern for a work-safety program.
  5. Formal training or experience in the following areas: carpentry, light plumbing work, light electrical work, painting, refurbishing and cleaning, HVAC.
  6. Willingness to pitch in and work in areas other than strictly repair maintenance, i.e., janitorial, custodial, gardening, painting, etc.