Long term business relationships are forged over time through many trials, tribulations, and experiences. We strongly believe in tenant relations and hands on management. This rewards us with excellent tenant retention and successful renewal negotiations upon lease expiration.

Our property management agents drive extremely hard bargains with our approved vendors and suppliers, but each property processes and funds accounts payable in less than 30 days. The cheapest price is not always the best value. Each long term capital expenditure is discussed in detail in advance with the owner’s representative to insure compatibility regarding price and function. Smaller expenditures are determined by the owner’s philosophy.

Our senior staff excels in value added opportunities, especially through renovation, re-tenanting, and reconstruction. Inherently, rental increases are aggressive, but we justify to the tenant the value added by the Landlord to their businesses or residence, and we strive to provide prompt maintenance at every property, as well as 24 hour emergency services.

The ultimate culmination to a successful repositioning of an asset results in a sale for substantial profit for the owner.

We earn respect from the owners and our tenants on a daily basis, and our performance is judged by the results.


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